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Marilyn Allien is president of La Fondation Heritage pour Haiti (LFHH), the Transparency International chapter in Haiti
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Haiti: disaster prone and ill-equipped to fight corruption

  When Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti on 5 October, the fields where crops were grown were washed away; houses were flattened like cardboard boxes and hundreds of people were killed. The number of dead is now close to 1000 and cholera is once again a fatal danger on our shores. UNICEF says more than 600,000 […]

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Haiti: trying to stay engaged amid corruption and poverty

It is hard to imagine that Haitians will actually go to polls on 27 December to vote in the second round of the presidential and municipal elections. There has been so much talk of electoral fraud, violence and intimidation from the first round in October, ordinary people just don’t know what to believe. On 17 […]

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Haiti: a new anti-corruption law brings hope

It has taken a long time but Haiti finally has a comprehensive anti-corruption law. On 11 March the lower house of Parliament passed legislation first drafted in 2007. For a country that has been stuck on the lowest rungs of Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index for years, this is big and welcome news. And the […]

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Haïti: une nouvelle loi contre la corruption, porteuse d’espoir

Après plusieurs années d’attente, finalement Haïti est doté d’une loi globale de lutte contre la corruption. Le 11 mars dernier, la chambre basse du Parlement a adopté le projet de loi rédigé en 2007. Pour un pays qui, pendant des années, a stagné au plus bas niveau de l’échelle de l’Indice de Perceptions de la […]

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Haiti’s hard road to recovery

In the three years since the devastating earthquake killed hundreds of thousands of people and destroyed much of Haiti’s infrastructure we have had to contend with two cyclones, a cholera epidemic and a drought that currently threatens our food security. No wonder Haitians and donors are suffering from reconstruction fatigue when too often the small […]

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Two years after the earthquake, corruption dogs reconstruction efforts

When a massive earthquake struck Haiti on 12 January 2010, there were 22 aftershocks in the days that followed. There has been a 23rd aftershock that has not yet stopped, and is just as damaging to peoples’ lives: corruption. It should be no surprise that corruption has been a barrier to Haiti’s reconstruction. Haiti public […]

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Impunity or Justice – what will exiled leaders find returning to Haiti?

Marilyn Allien, head of La Fondation Heritage pour Haiti (LFHH), the Transparency International chapter in Haiti, reflects on what the return of former president Jean-Claude ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier after 25 years in exile means for Haiti. Truly, we in Haiti are having a very hard time digesting this event and what it means for governance […]

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Aid Monitoring for Haitians, by Haitians

Marilyn Allien is president of La Fondation pour Héritage pour Haïti, the Haitian chapter of Transparency International and Roslyn Hees is co-author of Preventing Corruption in Humanitarian Operations, a Transparency International handbook. The rubble-strewn cityscape of Haiti’s capital gives little reason for hope. The tent city outside our office reeks of sewage and despair. Long […]

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