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Rosie Slater is Communications Officer in the Communications Department at Transparency International.
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Les héros de la lutte contre la corruption : une interview avec Gregory Ngbwa Mintsa

En décembre 2008, le citoyen gabonais Gregory Ngbwa Mintsa a courageusement pris position contre la corruption. Avec Transparence International France, il a déposé une plainte qui dénonçait le détournement présumé de fonds publics au Gabon. Cela fait partie des Biens Mal Acquis, une enquête sur plusieurs présidents africains soupçonnés de voler des fonds publics à grande […]

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Anti-corruption heroes: an interview with Gregory Ngbwa Mintsa

In December 2008, Gabonese citizen Gregory Ngbwa Mintsa took a brave stand against corruption. Together with Transparency International France, he filed a legal complaint denouncing the alleged embezzlement of public funds in Gabon. This was part of the Biens Mal Acquis case, an investigation into several African presidents suspected of stealing public assets on a […]

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Corruption Perceptions Index 2012: What is public sector corruption?

Last year, we ran a blog post examining the many forms of public sector corruption. In conjunction with the launch of our 2012 Corruption Perceptions Index, we are reposting this piece with updated figures. The Corruption Perceptions Index  highlights corruption in the public sector. But what exactly does this mean? Drawing on Transparency International’s Plain […]

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French anti-corruption efforts coming up short

Ten French presidential candidates have already publicly engaged with our chapter Transparence International France’s 7 propositions for the fight against corruption – but President Nicolas Sarkozy has not. Transparence International France is calling on him to do so, along with all remaining presidential candidates. Just after his election victory in 2007, Nicolas Sarkozy said that […]

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Moroccan fruit seller fights corruption

One year after the death of Mohamed Bouazizi, Transparency Maroc has honoured another market vendor, Mourad Kartoumi, for his contribution to fighting corruption. Transparency International’s press intern Rosie Slater tells his story. It will be a year ago tomorrow that Mohamed Bouazizi, a Tunisian vegetable seller, set himself on fire. Our vice chair Akere Muna […]

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What is public sector corruption?

The Corruption Perceptions Index 2011 highlights corruption in the public sector. But what exactly does this mean? Transparency International’s press intern, Rosie Slater, explains. Drawing on Transparency International’s Plain Language Guide, this post defines and de-mystifies some of the words and phrases most often associated with this kind of corruption. So if you’re confused by […]

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The fight for transparency during French presidential elections continues

On Sunday, 12 September, lawyer Robert Bourgi alleged that African leaders gave briefcases full of money to Jacques Chirac and Dominique de Villepin, intended for France’s 2002 election campaign. TI France is calling for Robert Bourgi’s allegations to be investigated as swiftly as possible. William Bourdon, TI France’s lawyer, added that Mr. Bourgi seems to […]

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