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Thomas Coombes is Senior Communications Officer and speech writer at Transparency International.
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Bangladesh factory safety in spotlight

On 24 April 2013 more than a thousand garment workers died when the Rana Plaza commercial building containing several factories in Dhaka, Bangladesh collapsed shortly after work began. A few months earlier, on 24 November 2012, more than a hundred workers died when a factory burned down in another part of the city. The owners […]

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Land grab victims speak out

The World Bank singled out Georgia for praise last year for drastically reducing petty bribery: Georgia’s success destroys the myth that corruption is cultural and gives hope to reformers everywhere who aspire to clean up their public services.” I saw a different side to the story when I was in Georgia last month to give […]

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What the Corruption Perceptions Index means in different languages

We will publish the 2012 Corruption Perceptions Index next Wednesday 5 December. Behind the scores are many different kinds of public sector corruption, all with their own impact on daily life. Our evidence is language. Every language has its own particular expression for abuse of power. Here are a few. In English, we refer to […]

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A Green Resource Curse: rare earth metals

A global trade dispute is brewing over the rare metals inside many of our favourite technologies such as smart phones or hybrid cars. Last year, an article published in Transparency International’s Climate Change edition of the Global Corruption Report warned about the corruption risks in the countries where many of these valuable raw materials are […]

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Haitians fighting corruption

Marilyn Allien, the head of Transparency International’s chapter in Haiti just gave an interview on their work, including the hotline they set up to receive complaints. Read the full interview on AlertNet. Earlier this month marked two years since a massive earthquake devastated the country. Read Marilyn’s blog marking the day, and describing the corruption […]

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Nobel prize 2011: the role of women in the Arab world reform

On 10 December, Tawakkul Karman was one of three recipients of the Nobel Prize for her activism in Yemen during the Arab Spring. A member of TI’s contact in Yemen, Tawakkul was congratulated by our Palestinian chapter, whose executive director Ghada Zughayar, talked to us about the prize. Q. What does this Nobel Prize mean […]

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Podcast: Elena Panfilova on the Magnitsky case and civil society in Russia

Two years ago, Russian whistleblower Sergei Magnitsky died in jail. The campaign to hold those responsible for his death continues. A year ago, Sergei’s mother collected a Transparency International Integrity Award on his behalf. These awards were created to recognise the courage and determination of the many individuals and organisations fighting corruption around the world. […]

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Our anti-corruption plan for FIFA

Today Transparency International published recommendations for building transparency at FIFA. These are based on years of experience working with organisations in government and the private sector to control corruption. FIFA is a special case though. That is why we are proposing the creation of an independent oversight multi-stakeholder group to oversee investigations of corruption allegations […]

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Ghanaian students stand up to corruption

Transparency International’s Advocacy and Legal Advice Centres provide free assistance to victims and witnesses of corruption, helping them to pursue their complaints. They process thousands of cases each year in more than 40 countries. This is one of them.

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Football politics: calling on FIFA

The Guardian just published this on their “FIFA in crisis” live blog: Transparency International, the global anti-corruption organisation, has joined the Football Association in demanding Fifa postpone the uncontested election that will extend Sepp Blatter’s presidency to a fourth term.

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