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Tackling corruption across the EU: The EU as global anti-corruption actor

The wave of popular revolts that have swept North Africa and the Middle East show that the EU cannot ignore the existence of pervasive corruption beyond its borders. Its role in setting corporate standards and the linking of its trade and development policies can have a direct effect on the fight against corruption and improve […]

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A new book about global governance highlights the importance of fighting corruption

Another sign that corruption has gone mainstream. Global governance expert Parag Khanna, Senior Research Fellow at the New America Foundation, is publishing a new book today: How to Run the World: Charting a Course to the Next Renaissance. The book talks about the multiple challenges facing the world today and how to deal with them. […]

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14th International Anti-Corruption Conference Announced

In the aftermath of the financial crisis insecurity has flourished and the challenges threatening the livelihood of populations across the world have increased, creating an environment ripe for corruption. Many of the right promises have been made – the task at hand is to ensure that commitments are honoured. To restore peoples’ trust and rebuild […]

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Remembering McNamara’s anti-corruption fervour

Robert McNamara, best known for his role as U.S. Secretary of Defence under Presidents Kennedy and Johnson, as well as his 13-year tenure as World Bank president, passed away on 6 July at the age of 93. Since then, there has been much public reflection on his legacy. What may come as a surprise to […]

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