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Are high bribery rates in poor countries blocking development?

New findings from the United Nations show that global development commitments – called the Millennium Development Goals – are off track. Governance and corruption are one of the culprits. Yet whole regions are behind on achieving the targets set for 2015, such as making sure all children are in school and that women get proper […]

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5 ways to meet an anti-corruption Millennium Development Goal

This week the United Nations is bringing experts and world leaders to Indonesia to debate development priorities beyond 2015, when the Millennium Development Goals expire. Good governance tops the list of what to add to the current eight targets. We want to make certain that good governance and anti-corruption form part of the promises and […]

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Des communautés rurales au Rwanda luttent contre la corruption

Le Rwanda est perçu comme un des pays les moins corrompus d’Afrique. En vue de cette amélioration considérable, il est intéressant de regarder comment notre Section Nationale dans le pays contribue à ce changement positif. Cet article présente une approche au niveau local qui responsabilise les citoyens, et exerce de la pression sur les décideurs […]

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What stops East Africans reporting corruption?

Concerning findings in a report released by TI’s East Africa chapters today. People in Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda were asked about their experiences with bribery and their responses show that the police is the institution most prone to bribery across all countries (Uganda’s police service tops the list). The prevalence of bribery to […]

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