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Speed-dating EU transparency: EU Parliament hearing on access to EU documents

European Parliament (flickr) / Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.0 Sitting in Wednesday’s EU Parliament hearing on the topic of access to EU documents and freedom of information felt a little like policy speed dating. 15 external speakers and more short interventions from Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) – although embarrisingly few MEPs were present in the […]

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Thoughts on civil society involvement, scandals, and the next EU elections

Earlier this year we presented our analysis on transparency in the financing of Europarties to the European Parliament – see the blog post and the discussion paper thereon. When we presented this expertise in Parliament, several deputies reacted offended by the link we drew between political finance and corruption, as if such could not happen in EU politics. […]

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EU budget transparency: Advocating better rules and practices

Transparency of the EU budget and its spending is of great importance for public control of the European Union, its institutions and bodies and the tens of thousands of beneficiaries of EU funds. Without knowing where EU money is spent and who receives it for what purposes, the prevention of misuse of EU funds, including […]

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It’s time to discuss the mandate of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office!

The trans-national dimension of organised crime in the EU is ever increasing and “law enforcement authorities are increasingly confronted with cases of cross-border observation and surveillance which create issues at both legal and operational levels” (page 22, Europol report for 2009) That is why yesterday, Members of the European Parliament, the European Commission and national practitioners expressed […]

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Transparency in the Financing of Europarties

Yesterday, we – the Transparency International EU Office – were invited to speak at a hearing of the Constitutional Affairs Committee of the European Parliament about the need for transparency of political parties at European level (“Europarties”). As basis for this presentation and future debates, we had prepared a 3-page discussion paper titled “Transparency in the Financing […]

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Nobody lobbies the EU Council!

It’s out, it’s official: The EU will revamp its lobby registers in the next 12-18 months, merging the Commission’s and Parliament’s registers into one common register. The new register will also get a new name: the “Transparency Register“, a re-branding for those groups (e.g. religious groups, think tanks etc.) that don’t want to be called […]

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EU transparency & the Right to Know Day 2010

It is true: The EU is, in some regards, more transparent than some of its member states. However, information is hard to find unless you are an EU expert. There is also no established culture of transparency throughout the EU institutions and all their EU officials. This makes it harder for civil society to hold […]

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