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History matters II – what stone carvings and magic lanterns have to do with fighting corruption

Some time ago I argued on this blog that looking back into history provides a very promising source for inspiration and innovation in the fight against corruption. Many things we consider new to modern government, such as measures managing conflicts of interest and insulating decision-making from policy capture were foreshadowed by and startlingly resemble many […]

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Institutions and corruption: why history matters (part 1)

While designing the new TI anti-corruption lab, Dieter Zinnbauer looks to the past for inspiration. Rummaging through the past can provide a lot of inspiration for innovative approaches and solutions – also in the field of anti-corruption. Or as foresight experts would put it: you need to look back, in order to be able to […]

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Fighting corruption in 1811 and 2011 – what’s new?

Has the world ever been more fed up with corruption? In North Africa and the Middle East, disgust with corruption is one driver of the most astounding movement for political reform in decades. A recent BBC poll of more than 13,000 people across 26 countries confirms that corruption is the most talked about global problem, […]

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