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Filling the gap in defence training on anti-corruption

Anti-corruption training is not adequately addressed in the majority of countries surveyed in TI-DSP’s Government Defence Anti-Corruption Index. TI-DSP has been addressing this gap through Building Integrity courses which have been delivered to over 600 mid to senior defence staff since 2008. Two recent impact analysis of course alumni found this course has had a […]

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Argentinians bang their pots for change

Thousands of people in Argentina have taken to the streets this year to protest, showing their discontent with the government by banging on kitchen pots and pans. Pablo Secchi, Executive Director of Poder Ciudadano, the Transparency International Chapter in Argentina, explains why they are frustrated and what corruption has to do with it. Lea este […]

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Fighting corruption with bumper stickers and public toilets: ambient accountability

Anti-corruption activists try to make those in power answerable to people. We call this accountability. NGOs try to make “accountability” happen by training citizens to audit local government or monitor elections, often using social media to report and collaborate. But when the initial enthusiasm for what are often called social accountability instruments fails or issues […]

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