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Drawing connections with cartoons: on the campaign trail in Papua New Guinea

Michael was the only person in the village who could speak English. He had learned it in Australia, and talked with a gentle upwards incline. As I spoke Michael interpreted into Suau (the local language), pausing intermittently for responses from the crowd. My audience was intimidatingly large – huddled rows of crossed legs and expectant […]

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Did you know that you have a right to know? Spreading the word in Papua New Guinea’s forests

“Welcome to the jungle!” George flashes me a wry smile as our jeep begins its stuttering ascent up the mountain, into an endless expanse of thicketed green. George had sent a message over the radio three days earlier, in the hope that news of our visit would travel to Leileiyafa in time. He and his […]

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COP 17 climate summit in Durban image

Durban COP17 wrap-up: Corruption now on the climate change radar

Manoj Nadkarni, Programme Manager of Transparency International’s Forest Governance Integrity Programme, reflects on what was and wasn’t achieved at the COP 17 climate governance summit in Durban, South Africa. At the COP 17 venue, the mood of the NGO observers seemed to veer from cynicism that anything at all was achieved, to exuberance that so […]

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The darker side of saving the rainforests

Claire Martin, Programme Coordinator in Transparency International’s Forest Governance Integrity Programme, introduces a project that reduces corruption risks in saving our forests. As a child growing up, one of the high-points of my year was the spirited wars I would wage against my friends each September, armed with just a horse chestnut, pierced through the […]

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