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France acts on asset declaration

Reposted from the Transparency International UK blog. It has been striking how far and how quickly France has moved towards asset disclosure by government ministers in recent weeks, with parliamentarians to follow if a new law is passed. Striking also that when political will exists, galvanised by public outrage, transparency is not so hard to […]

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Is corruption winning in Peru?

Alejandro Salas is the Regional Director for the Americas at Transparency International. The following article was first published on Fox News Latino. Listening to Peruvian media in recent days, there is one question that keeps reappearing – is corruption winning in our country? Over half of Peru’s population perceives corruption to be the main problem […]

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Corruption challenges wait for Peru’s new government

Samuel Rotta Castilla, Project Coordinator for Transparency International’s Peru chapter, Proética, talks about the risks of staying offside, or the challenges of corruption for Ollanta Humala’s new government. During the past ten years, the Peruvian governments’ efforts to tackle corruption appear to have gone astray. Initially, after the fall of Fujimori, there was a strong […]

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Thoughts on civil society involvement, scandals, and the next EU elections

Earlier this year we presented our analysis on transparency in the financing of Europarties to the European Parliament – see the blog post and the discussion paper thereon. When we presented this expertise in Parliament, several deputies reacted offended by the link we drew between political finance and corruption, as if such could not happen in EU politics. […]

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Transparency in the Financing of Europarties

Yesterday, we – the Transparency International EU Office – were invited to speak at a hearing of the Constitutional Affairs Committee of the European Parliament about the need for transparency of political parties at European level (“Europarties”). As basis for this presentation and future debates, we had prepared a 3-page discussion paper titled “Transparency in the Financing […]

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What is ‘lobbying’ and its link to corruption?

Back-corridor negotiation on proposed legislation is a practice that runs from Brasília to Washington, Bruxelles to ar-Rabāṭ. However, the relationships between policy-makers and interest groups walk a fine ethical line that separates participatory democracy from state capture. Striking legislative deals are generally considered to be just one part of broader lobbying efforts undertaken by groups […]

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European elections – time to rethink weak transparency rules?

Thursday is an important day for Europe. The elections for the European Parliament begin. The expenses scandal in the UK shows that politicians in Europe are no angels. Therefore trust, transferred by vote, should be supplemented by clear regulations and transparency rules on the European level. Although there have been some steps in the past, […]

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Leading the fight against corruption in the Asia Pacific region

How does successful fighting corruption in the region Asia Pacific look like? This key question was at the centre of today’s Transparency International Asia Pacific Regional Programme Meeting. 15 years ago, when corruption was perceived to be the oil that made economy work, asking such question in a public forum held at the parliament house […]

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