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Should banks profit from dictators’ money?

As Libya prepares for the future, what are financial centres doing to stop the flow of stolen assets from dictators? The following is adapted from a speech made by Transparency International’s vice-chair, Akere Muna, at the UN public service forum in Dar es Salaam, United Republic of Tanzania.   If corruption, especially money laundering and […]

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Corruption: a crime against society

The following is an excerpt from the collected papers of the Rencontres Economiques d’Aix-en-Provence 2011. Read the full article here. Corruption is often thought of as an economic or “white collar crime”. That ignores the greater implications of corruption, the abuse of power at the expense of the many, which perpetuates social injustice and the […]

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Civil society role in recovering stolen wealth

By Gillian Dell, International Conventions, Transparency International Some of the most cutting edge work in anti-corruption is being carried out by a small group of NGOs engaged in public interest anti-corruption litigation. Among these, a few have taken legal initiatives in France and Spain to trigger criminal investigations of assets of some African dictators. In […]

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Putting the corruption fight on the political agenda in France

  The biggest challenge for TI France is intensifying international efforts for better governance – a prerequisite for sustainable development – at home and abroad We are making inroads. The magazine Acteurs publics gave TI France their 2010 award for best communicator in the category “associations and great causes”  for our activities on lobbying regulation […]

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Securing sustainable development outcomes through good governance and transparency

Read more about transparency and aid below: Haiti: Two years after the earthquake, corruption dogs reconstruction efforts Publish What You Fund: Are Aid Donors Walking their Own Talk? International Aid Transparency Initiative: As the world debates aid, the US puts its aid money out into the public To illustrate how public sector corruption impacts on […]

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6 years, 3 conferences, no happy end?

Negotiations on the fourth day of the conference on the UN Convention against Corruption in Doha were long and hard. Governments from the two sides met last night and held discussions until around 2:00 in the morning. However, no final agreement has been found yet. Varying reports about what the draft text for how the […]

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