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Mark Worth is Whistleblower Programme Coordinator at Transparency International.
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Whistleblowing and leaking: pushing the limits of accountability

The Guardian newspaper has been publishing reports about the US Government’s vast data surveillance operations based on leaks of classified information from someone with top secret clearances. Mark Worth, Whistleblower Programme Director, discusses the role of the leaker in holding governments to account. Edward Snowden, a 29-year-old computer expert, is fast becoming a household name. […]

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Year of the whistleblower?

Whistleblowers and the people and organisations that support them have been making waves  and making news for decades. Finally, they’re making laws. Over the past two years, many countries throughout the world have passed new or strengthened existing laws to protect whistleblowers from retaliation, and to help ensure that their efforts to disclosure corruption, fraud and other […]

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The Good Tattler: Lessons in Whistleblowing – from the Lunchroom to the Boardroom

The Financial Times recently reported on the travails of eight British whistleblowers who exposed wrongdoing through clandestine photocopying operations and other desperate measures. This is a global problem. Whistleblowers are still seen as “snitches,” “traitors” and “informants”, particularly in former Communist countries, according to our 2009 report on whistleblowing laws in Europe. These negative attitudes […]

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Record-breaking whistleblower award completes the circle

On 12 September 2012, the US Internal Revenue Service awarded Bradley Birkenfeld $104 million for providing information on how the Swiss bank UBS AG helped thousands of US citizens hide billions of dollars from tax authorities. Mark Worth, Transparency International’s Whistleblower Programme Coordinator, discusses what this means for whistleblowers and would-be whistleblowers everywhere. The big […]

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Whistling around the world: The need for an international whistleblower movement

In Estonia, a palpable mistrust in the citizenry maintains a tenuous equilibrium that deters people from exposing wrongdoing. In Lebanon, institutionalised corruption – and stories of revenge such as an informant who was dissolved in acid – keep whistleblowers silent within a culture of fear. In Italy, people are raised to remain silent rather than […]

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Are German Lawmakers Finally Listening to the Whistles?

The following was written by Mark Worth, Transparency International’s Whistleblower Programme Coordinator, and Christian Humborg, Managing Director of Transparency International Germany. In a country where whistleblowers have helped expose poor care in a nursing home, dioxin-laden livestock feed, inadequate emergency services in hospitals, rotten meat, and mad-cow disease, one would think – and certainly hope […]

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