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Hackers use technology to fight corruption

Watch out! Internet connections worldwide might be slower this weekend! This weekend hundreds of hackers, programmers, designers and anti-corruption experts and activists in Bogotá, Budapest, Casablanca, Jakarta, Moscow and Vilnius will come together this weekend to develop new ICT tools that can help citizens monitor government and report corruption. Websites like in India and […]

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Civil society and big brother: the behavioural aspects of data protection

Facebook’s Timeline, Google, and what you can do to protect your own online data – Andrea Figari of Transparency International discusses all this and more in an interview by Johanna Arlinghaus of Schlossplatz³, the quarterly student magazine from the Hertie School of Governance, Berlin. This interview originally appeared in the Spring 2012 edition, available here. Schlossplatz³: Where […]

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What does corruption mean to you?

Corruption. Inevitable? Unstoppable?  We don’t think so – and we want to hear your ideas for new ways of talking about it. Launched today, our 2011 Annual Report offers a snapshot of our activities around the world in 2011 – from the 3,500 election monitors we recruited in Guatemala through social media, to the 17 year […]

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Fighting corruption, empowering people in Uganda’s health service

It was another day of fieldwork; the project officer arrived at Amach health centre IV in Lira district, Northern Uganda at 9:15am and was welcomed by the security guard. No health worker had started working yet. He found 15 patients seated waiting for health service. By 10:20am 78 patients had lined up. Patients could not […]

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Keeping elections clean: TI-Malaysia launches Election Integrity Pledge

Uncontrolled and unchecked spending and a culture of money politics can disrupt the proper functioning of Malaysia’s political system. For example, Transparency International Malaysia’s research on political financing shows that the party leading the ruling coalition held assets of more than EUR 350 million in 2004. The EUR 50,000 limit on campaign spending is rarely […]

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Open Government Partnership: From openness to transparency?

Spanish version / ver en español The following is adapted from a speech by Elisabeth Ungar, Member of Transparency International’s Board of Directors and Executive Director of Transparencia por Colombia, at the Open Government Partnership‘s annual meeting in Brasilia on 15 April 2012. The full speech is available here. I hope that the Open Government […]

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Alianza para el Gobierno Abierto: De la apertura a la transparencia

Ver en inglés / English version Adaptado del discurso de Elisabeth Ungar, Miembro del Directorio de Transparency International y Directora Ejecutiva de Transparencia por Colombia, en la reunión anual de la Sociedad de Gobierno Abierto en Brasilia el 15 de Abril de 2012. El discurso completo puede encontrarse aquí. Esperamos que la Alianza para el […]

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Indonesian film collection “Us Against Corruption” gives hope to combating everyday corruption

Popcorn. Cola. Love. Betrayal. Tears. Laughter. A collective gasp from the audience as a local heartthrob appears on screen. A unified “uh-oh” as one of the characters is about to discover her husband’s love affair. Tears as some parents have to make agonising choices about their children. The stars of the film waiting outside to […]

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New technologies for more accountability: Watch the Transparency Works conference

Our chapter in Lithuania in cooperation with the Sunlight Foundation held an international conference that brings together IT developers and NGOs to talk about online transparency initiatives, public monitoring of and citizen engagement in democratic processes from March 29-30. The event featured around 30 international speakers from more than 20 countries exchanging ideas about how […]

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Updated CPI iPhone App and new Nokia News App!

Looking for a way to keep tabs on the latest corruption trends, wherever you are? We’re very pleased to announce that our original Corruption Perceptions Index iPhone application has now been updated to include the latest data on public sector corruption worldwide. The redesigned app also includes a new CPI game where you score points […]

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