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Vietnam: Who pays the doctor?

Transparency International’s National Contact in Vietnam, Towards Transparency, has just published a report on health. Our colleagues Stephanie Chow and Conrad Zellmann report.” “Years ago, my 2-year-old son required surgery. I had a pre-existing relationship with a doctor at that hospital. But I was worried before the surgery when I had not given money to […]

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A Green Resource Curse: rare earth metals

A global trade dispute is brewing over the rare metals inside many of our favourite technologies such as smart phones or hybrid cars. Last year, an article published in Transparency International’s Climate Change edition of the Global Corruption Report warned about the corruption risks in the countries where many of these valuable raw materials are […]

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2011 in words and pictures

An illustrated, month-by-month look at some of the top corruption-related stories and trends of 2011. January Mohamed Bouazizi sets himself ablaze in defiance of bribe-seeking police. The death of the 26 year-old Tunisian fruit vendor serves as a catalyst for a surge of protests that quickly unfurl across North Africa and the Middle East. We […]

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Climate change and corruption risks in Peru: The launch of TI’s Global Corruption Report on Climate Change in Lima

Samuel Rotta Castilla and Magaly Ávila work on the Climate Governance Integrity Programme at TI’s Peruvian chapter Proética. They talk about what TI’s Global Corruption Report on Climate Change means for Peru. Peru is one of only 17 megadiverse countries, and home to around 80 per cent of the world’s biodiversity.  50 per cent of […]

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Cambio Climático y riesgos de corrupción en el Perú. El Informe Global de Corrupción sobre Cambio Climático fue presentado en Lima

Escrito por Samuel Rotta Castilla y Magaly Ávila, Proética (Transparency International Peru). Perú es uno de los 17 países considerados megadiversos en el mundo, aquellos que concentran el 80% de la biodiversidad y casi la mitad de la diversidad cultural mundial.  50% de las exportaciones peruanas provienen de la explotación de los recursos biológicos, y […]

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Alice Harrison

Update from Santo Domingo: Launching the Global Corruption Report

Climbing the steps in Hotel Meliá’s lobby, I was faced with two options. To my right, double doors opened onto a large conference room abuzz with men in suits. ‘Opportunities and Incentives for Hydrocarbon Exploration in Central America and the Caribbean’ read the sign on the door. To my left, Transparency International’s (TI) Dominican chapter, […]

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Saving the planet? Prove it

TI’s Global Corruption Report: Climate Change warned that complex mechanisms for incentivizing cuts in carbon emissions need to be governed properly to be effective. Krina Despota, contributing editor to the report, explains that this involves proving that carbon offsets represent real emissions reductions. The challenge of limiting global warming to within two degrees Celsius will […]

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Climate change: rising waters, rising corruption?

By Alice Harrison, Communications Coordinator for TI’s Climate Governance Programme. Downtown Santo Domingo. Scooters dart daringly between towering SUVs. Huddled crowds spill from the windows and doors of battered minibuses, overtaking bicycles saddled with bulging mangoes. Faded umbrellas shield women from the glaring afternoon sun, while uniformed men stoop attentively over the young boys shining […]

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Corruption, Climate Change & the Maldives

By Maurie Hassan from Transparency Maldives. On Sunday, June 26th, the national launch of Transparency International’s Global Corruption Report: Climate Change, took place in Male’, Maldives. Many state dignitaries, the media, and major local environmental NGOs, attended the event, organized by Transparency Maldives. The function served as a starting point in the Maldives, for a […]

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Climate change and corruption in Bangladesh

By Rezwan-ul-Alam, Director Outreach & Communication, Transparency International Bangladesh. A month ago, Transparency International’s ‘Global Corruption Report Climate Change’ was released in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Since then, Transparency International Bangladesh has been working at both local and international level to keep up the pressure. It was fitting to launch the report from Bangladesh as the country […]

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