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Legacy of corruption: a challenge at the ballot box and beyond

On 5 April 12 million Afghanis are expected to vote to select their next president. The leading candidates have expressed their fear of corruption on the day of the election: ballot stuffing, vote buying, impersonation and voter intimidation are likely to resurface as during the last presidential elections. An unfair election will tarnish the legitimacy […]

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Bias and corruption in Russia shows up in Western courts

In Russia we do not always find justice in our courts or when dealing with law enforcement. Despite all the talk of judicial reform and some modest progress, there is a lot of room for improvement.  Now the situation has become a subject of debate and scrutiny not only domestically, but also abroad. Increasingly I […]

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Cobus de Swardt speaking

The 1989 effect: Accountability driving demands for change

Cobus de Swardt, Managing Director of TI, writes from Cape Town where he is attending the Africa regional meeting of the World Economic Forum At WEF Davos in January, the beginning of the revolution in North Africa was on everybody’s lips. Four months on in Cape Town, you can see from the ideas being put […]

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Human Rights on the WEF agenda

TI board member Delia Ferreira Rubio writes  from the Latin American World Economic Forum WEF in Rio de Janeiro was not limited to business and economy: there was also time for other issues. On May 28th I attended a very interesting session entitled “Meeting Modern Expectations: Human Rights and Latin America“. Conducted by Robert Greenhill, […]

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Human Rights Day and the link to anti-corruption

Human Rights Day 10 December follows closely on the heels of Anti-Corruption Day, 9 December, which is not just a coincidence. They stand together because human rights are far more likely to be safeguarded in a world where there is no corruption. Andrea Figari, programme manager for Advocacy & Protection of Anti-corruption Advocates at Transparency […]

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Derogating civil responsibility: international human rights NGOs and the climate challenge

Climate change is without question a human rights issue. It already affects many of the world’s most vulnerable people, increases vulnerability and affects different groups disproportionately. It directly undermines states’ ability to provide an adequate standard of living and challenges our understanding of the right to development. The protection of human rights should therefore be […]

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A look at those exposing corruption

Nizar Manek, who volunteered in our Conventions Programme at Transparency International this summer, wrote this piece for the Guardian Comment is Free blog entitled Internationalising the public interest highlighting the need for international media to not forget the campaigners who pay a high price for exposing corruption in the developing world. Nizar points out: International […]

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Justice, not excuses, still sought a year after the killing of Lasantha Wickramatunga

The following post has been written by Samuel Bakowski, working in the Communications Department at Transparency International. A year has passed, yet the investigation into the murder of Lasantha Wickramatunga has achieved nothing. Revealing only ineptitude, a growing sense of impunity, and a loss of public faith in the rule of law and media freedom […]

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Congolese activist convicted

The conviction of Golden Misabiko, a Congolese human rights and transparency activist, shows once again the increasingly difficult and challenging situation for activists around the world. Golden Misabiko, President of the Katanga branch of the Congolese human rights organisation Association africaine de défense des droits de l’homme (ASADHO) was arrested and convicted after being released […]

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New report: Connecting Corruption and Human Rights

Human rights and corruption are not always connected as being integral parts of the same power game of abuses – political, economic, social and cultural. Yet the ties between them have been growing stronger for too long as corruption is increasingly used as a means and ends to human rights violations: The stealing of oil […]

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