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corruption perceptions index 2015 middle east and north africa results

Middle East and North Africa: Why corruption is fuelling regional insecurity

View the 2015 Corruption Perceptions Index results باللغة العربية Once again, three of the bottom 10 countries in this year’s index are from the MENA region – Iraq, Libya and Sudan. The ongoing devastating conflicts in these and other countries, such as Syria and Yemen, inevitably mean that any efforts to strengthen institutions and the state […]

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Flattening the pyramid; the struggle to reform Egypt’s political system

By Antonia Bosanquet, Transparency International’s Arab media specialist. This weekend marked the fourth month since Mubarak resigned from his position as President of Egypt. The day that he stepped down from power will enter history as a turning point for Egypt and the Arab world. But Monday also marked an anniversary that may be equally decisive […]

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Transparency International in Tunisia

Tunisia’s post-revolution spring has brought joy and genuine empowerment to the Tunisian people, but as the extent of corruption and abuse of power is revealed, a sense of bitterness and bewilderment at how a system could fail so utterly, is emerging in the Tunisian society. The issue now is not retribution but reconstruction of a […]

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