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Legacy of corruption: a challenge at the ballot box and beyond

On 5 April 12 million Afghanis are expected to vote to select their next president. The leading candidates have expressed their fear of corruption on the day of the election: ballot stuffing, vote buying, impersonation and voter intimidation are likely to resurface as during the last presidential elections. An unfair election will tarnish the legitimacy […]

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(Anti-) Corruption in the police: progress made and pending issues

Corruption in the Peruvian police has hit the headlines for two reasons: The Peruvian authorities have decided to start a rotating system of 80% of their policemen in order for these to be more difficult to get involved in organised crime activities; between 2011 and 2012 there were 6.000 policemen being investigated for corruption. Samuel […]

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Filling the gap in defence training on anti-corruption

Anti-corruption training is not adequately addressed in the majority of countries surveyed in TI-DSP’s Government Defence Anti-Corruption Index. TI-DSP has been addressing this gap through Building Integrity courses which have been delivered to over 600 mid to senior defence staff since 2008. Two recent impact analysis of course alumni found this course has had a […]

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Addressing defence and security corruption is in everybody’s hands

Citizens who have been victims or witnesses of corruption are realising that the ability to take action is in their hands. They also understand that this fight is not only for their sake, but also on behalf of all the people who are hurt by corruption around the world every day. Taking part in the […]

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Private sector joins calls for anti-corruption mechanisms in arms trade treaty

As UN Arms Trade Treaty negotiators met in New York last week Tobias Bock from TI’s Defence and Security Programme,  warned of the corruption risks that could undermine any result. He and Rob Wright, TI’s senior ATT expert and former UK Head of Export Controls, now look back at the meeting. Last week, the 192 […]

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Civil society under pressure

An award ceremony cancelled for “security reasons”, an arrest warrant issued over hurt feelings, a restrictive funding law. Casey Kelso, TI’s Advocacy Director, on a new report about the legal measures governments are using to limit NGOs’ room for manoeuvre, and what this means for TI. I was watching a Harry Potter film with the […]

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Call for Proposals for the 14th International Anti-Corruption Conference

You would like to participate in the largest anti-corruption conference worldwide? You have ideas of what should be discussed by the anti-corruption community around the world? This is the announcement of the call for workshop proposals for the 14th International Anti-Corruption Conference, taking place from 10-13 November 2010. Today the call for workshop proposals for […]

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