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The first step toward creating Slovenia’s legislative footprint

The term “legislative footprint” has become a popular new concept surrounding transparency of the legislative process and supervision of lobbying in public decision-making. But the world has not yet seen a comprehensive, real life, IT-supported legislative footprint in practice. In the beginning of 2015, Transparency International Slovenia launched an innovative project with a vision to combine […]

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Zero integrity in Slovenian politics

Thousands of Slovenians have been taking to the streets to protest corruption. At the time of high public distrust in politics and rule of law, scandal is purring oil on the fire.

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Europe’s hunger for energy needs an integrity check

Europe’s thirst for energy remains high as regulations in the Eurozone tighten and the focus on energy efficiency grows. At the same time, an energy infrastructure that allows EU countries to quickly shift power to where it is most needed when shortages occur still needs to be built. With this in mind, the drive to […]

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What can Slovenia learn from New Orleans?

Hurricane Katrina was a dark hour for New Orleans, costing the lives of thousands and displacing an entire city, but in terms of community relations and the fight against corruption it has certainly had a silver lining. How can Slovenia learn from the resurgence of that city, to bring about change and reconciliation? Integriteta- Transparency […]

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Corruption in Europe: Taking the pulse, prescribing reform

Paul Zoubkov and Helen Turek talk about Transparency International’s Europe wide initiative to improve national anti-corruption systems. Good governance, accountability and rule of law are among the key hallmarks of a healthy society, and yet right across Europe, there is a deep sense of frustration that key national institutions and actors are not living up […]

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