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Legacy of corruption: a challenge at the ballot box and beyond

On 5 April 12 million Afghanis are expected to vote to select their next president. The leading candidates have expressed their fear of corruption on the day of the election: ballot stuffing, vote buying, impersonation and voter intimidation are likely to resurface as during the last presidential elections. An unfair election will tarnish the legitimacy […]

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Happy birthday Malala! Ensuring education for all

Today is Malala Yousafzai’s 16th birthday. Since the tender age of 10, Malala has been campaigning for something that many of us often take for granted: the ability to go to school. Her brave activism for universal education and girls’ rights in her native Pakistan was noticed by others who had different ideas. In October […]

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The roadmap to a new beginning

Peace agreements offer the possibility for a new beginning. They allow the international community and national governments the opportunity to strengthen governance and embed some anti-corruption controls which, in turn, will help build durable state institutions. Recent studies demonstrate that change can be achieved with the appropriate mix of political pressure, incentives, and creativity. As […]

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