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It’s your school: keeping Mexico’s education system transparent

Last December, 1,055 high school communities around Mexico – comprising almost 1.3 million students – engaged in a transparency and accountability exercise. This involves each principal of public high schools completing three electronic forms covering more than 100 indicators. These range from income and expenditure, to enrolment and academic performance, to the condition of school […]

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La declaración patrimonial de Peña Nieto, una oportunidad perdida

This text was originally published in CNN Mexico. La declaración patrimonial es una figura que busca recuperar algo de la confianza que los ciudadanos tuvieron alguna vez en la clase política. Me parece que expresa, legal y simbólicamente, la oferta sincera de un funcionario de mantenerse honesto durante su gestión. La declaración patrimonial es preventiva: […]

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Wanted: A replacement for “petty”

Eduardo Bohorquez and Deniz Devrim of Transparencia Mexicana, our national chapter in Mexico, recently published an article arguing for the abolishment of the word “petty” in the term “petty bribery”. They point out that petty bribery in fact generates substantial costs to society, both monetary and non-monetary. For example, surveys find that in Mexico households […]

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A bribery scheme to win market dominance in Mexico?

Over the weekend, the New York Times alleged that Wal-Mart deliberately hid investigations into bribery practices at the company’s largest foreign subsidiary, Wal-Mart de Mexico. Wal-Mart is Mexico’s largest private sector employer with currently 209,000 employees. Allegedly there is a paper trail that includes hundreds of suspect payments worth more 24 million USD in total. […]

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