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Transparency International Annual Membership Meeting

I just wanted to highlight the outcomes of this year’s Annual Membership Meeting, the biggest since Transparency International has been founded, here in Berlin, 16 years ago. For the first time we had representatives from over 100 nationalities present. It was a truly inspiring experience to meet everyone, sharing experiences of projects and challenges of […]

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2009 Global Corruption Report: Corruption and the Private Sector

When asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, a 6-year old girl said she wanted to be a corrupt official, because they have so many things. After recovering from the shock of the little girl’s answer, the next question that arises is: how is it that these officials can accumulate so many […]

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One million anti-corruption supporters wanted

Several members of the European Parliament have launched a cross-party petition urging the European Commission and Member States to propose legislation and mechanisms to fight corruption. High-level corruption in EU relations with third countries is a particular focus of the petition.

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Transparency in Financial Markets

Just a quick note as the G-20 London Summit nears and talk of transparency as a remedy for the current instability and lack of trust wrecking the financial system, is everywhere. The Economist did a focus story on this issue looking at the pros and cons of transparency in February. I wanted to share with […]

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A space for transparency and anti-corruption

Corruption is a threat that has been undermining democracy and the rule of law, aggravating the cycle of poverty, threatening human rights, and distorting competitive markets for much too long. The vision of a world free of corruption still seems far away. More spaces for the discussion of solutions to overcome corruption and creating opportunities […]

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