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What made corruption a hot topic in sports

Jens Sejer Andersen is on the Global Corruption Report Expert Advisory Panel. He is the international director of Play the Game, an international communications organisation that has held international conferences on sport, transparency and ethics since 1997, long before the topic became vogue. Play the Game has been at the vanguard explaining the links between […]

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Can children lead the fight against corruption?

In Liberia, my country of birth, the word “corruption” has become a political dagger that we hurl at those with entrusted power. It is meant to shame, alienate, and render the “other” defenceless, thereby exonerating the thrower from any personal responsibility. Yet, corruption is not a timeless tango between the public and private sectors alone. It is […]

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UNESCO – Obiang : a risky relationship

This blog post was written by Rachel Leenhardt. Rachel is Communication Officer of Sherpa, a Paris-based, non-profit organization that aims to protect and defend the victims of economic crimes in developing countries. SHERPA’s overall focus is deploying legal expertise to fight the injustices caused by economic crimes and to bring about effective changes to public […]

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