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Malaysian public become eyes and ears of the forest

You live in a very remote area in a forest-rich country. You may not rely on the forests to make a living but they’ve remained as you know them for as long as you remember and – from stories your grandfather told you when you were a child – for a long time before that. […]

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Elecciones en América Latina: cómo usar los medios sociales para promover la transparencia

Marta Erquicia, Coordinadora de Programa Senior en el Departamento de las Américas de Transparency International explica cómo las nuevas teconologías se pueden usar para monitorear procesos electorales. Entre Octubre y Noviembre tuvieron lugar elecciones presidenciales, regionales y municipales en varios países de América Latina: En Argentina, Cristina Kirchner batió todas las marcas; en Guatemala, se […]

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Latin American elections: How to use social media to promote transparency

Marta Erquicia, Senior Programme Coordinator in the Americas Department of Transparency International, explains how new technologies can be used to oversee political processes. Several presidential, regional and municipal elections were held between October and November in Latin America: In Argentina, Cristina Kirchner won by an overwhelming majority; in Guatemala, for the first time after the […]

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Corruption and the world in 2011

The following is adapted from the opening speech by Transparency International chair Huguette Labelle, at the anti-corruption movement’s annual meeting that brings together activists from over 100 countries around the world. The full speech is available here This has been a year of many anti-corruption landmarks and breakthroughs. People are waking up to corruption in […]

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The right to be heard and participatory video-making

Annette Jaitner, Senior Programme Coordinator in our Africa and the Middle East Department, writes about an alternative approach some of our African chapters are using to engage people in anti-corruption work Our African chapters in Ghana, Liberia, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Uganda, and Zambia are supporting poor communities to make their films that highlight the problems […]

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Caught on film: what are the best movies featuring corruption?

Rosie Slater is an intern in Transparency International’s Communications department As the recent thriller The Whistleblower (2011) proves, corruption means big hits and big money at the movies. Transparency International Slovenia has come up with a list of the all time top films featuring corruption, transparency or whistle-blowing. Here’s a selection of their favourites: Frost/Nixon […]

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Harnessing Social Media Tools to Fight Corruption

Brynne Dunn and Dana Bekri, from the LSE Consultancy Team that prepared a report on the role of social media in the fight against corruption, reflect on their report. Upon learning that we would be researching ways social media can be used to fight corruption, we were excited to work on such an up-and-coming project […]

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Digital Technologies And The Arab Spring – Part two

In the second part of his article, Johnny West, author of a new book based on his personal experience of the Arab Spring, writes about the potential of social media in the post-revolution Arab world. Read part one here. In Tunisia, digital technologies have started to provide transparency in the political arena in an interesting […]

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Digital Technologies And The Arab Spring – Part one

In a two-part article, Johnny West, author of a new book based on his personal experience of the Arab Spring, writes about the role of social media in the revolution. Sometimes hype is justified. Earlier this year, the airwaves and opinion columns of media around the world were full of talk of Facebook revolution in […]

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Kenya champions open data in Africa

By Tinatin Ninua, Programme Coordinator, Political Corruption. Last week marked an exciting event for the freedom of information campaigners in Kenya. On July 8th the country has launched an open data portal, which makes Kenya the first African country to release government data to the public through a single online platform. The portal aggregates information […]

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