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Factors that give rise to corruption in higher education

Imagine these scenarios: A dormitory manager in Romania accepts money in return for providing campus accommodations to ineligible students. To improve his publication record in advance of a promotion review, a faculty member in Greece engages in plagiarism. In Nigeria, a faculty member pays a journal to publish her article without scientific review. In Ghana, […]

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Georgia: local residents fall victim of illegal property seizures

In early 2011, Transparency International Georgia began to actively work towards the better protection of property rights. In May of this year, TI Georgia visited several west Georgian settlements (Anaklia, Grigoleti and Gonio) where they met with affected local populations. Gia Gvilava and Eka Bokuchava, both lawyers at the office, report from their visits and […]

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Truth or consequences? The problem with settlements and the World Bank’s debarment of Alstom units

While the year-long allegations of misconduct against the Alstom Group (ALO) have led to some significant consequences for the company – US$ 9.5 million worth of them – a lot of questions about what happened remain. At the end of February, the World Bank decided to debar two Alstom subsidiaries for three years and agreed […]

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Passing the corruption car-test

Although tackling corruption is not an auditor’s function, audit processes can sometimes uncover irregularities better than the bodies tasked to do so. Think of it as a car test. Audits are to institutions what a car test is to you and me. Picture yourself in the unavoidable and annoying queue many have to endure every […]

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When your shop is bulldozed with the police watching on

Today Transparency International and the FAO are publishing a paper warning that corruption in land management endangers livelihoods, promotes inequality and distorts markets. Through its legal advice centres, Transparency International has already encountered thousands of ordinary citizens who have experienced this first hand. This is the story of a citizen who came to the centre […]

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Bridges to nowhere: How to improve transparency in the construction sector

On Wednesday, TI published its new Bribe Payers Index. Christiaan J. Poortman, Senior Advisor of Transparency International in the field of International Conventions and other initiatives, looks at how to increase transparency in one of the most corrupt sectors of the Report through the CoST initiative.  Construction is a major driver of economic growth and […]

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Bribe Payers Index 2011: When China goes shopping abroad

On Wednesday 2 November Transparency International will publish the Bribe Payers Index 2011, which ranks the perceived propensity of 28 leading export countries and 19 business sectors to bribe abroad. Written by Deborah Brautigam, Professor of International Development at the American University, Washington DC, for Transparency International’s 2009 Global Corruption Report, this excerpted article looks […]

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