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REDD+: what you see isn’t always what you get

A colleague recently likened his experience tracking climate and REDD+ money in Mexico to an archaeological dig. Little by little, fragments of your object begin to reveal themselves, but not without a significant amount of time, resources and tenacity. At Transparency International we have been monitoring climate finance flows in six countries – of which […]

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What stops East Africans reporting corruption?

Concerning findings in a report released by TI’s East Africa chapters today. People in Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda were asked about their experiences with bribery and their responses show that the police is the institution most prone to bribery across all countries (Uganda’s police service tops the list). The prevalence of bribery to […]

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Famine in Africa requires more aid, but also transparency

With drought and famine back in the Horn of Africa, Nicolas Seris, Programme Coordinator Humanitarian Aid, Transparency International Kenya, talks about the challenge of accountability and integrity in the humanitarian aid sector. The Horn of Africa is facing its worst drought in 60 years, with an estimated number of 12 millions people in urgent need […]

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Alice Harrison

Update from Santo Domingo: Launching the Global Corruption Report

Climbing the steps in Hotel Meliá’s lobby, I was faced with two options. To my right, double doors opened onto a large conference room abuzz with men in suits. ‘Opportunities and Incentives for Hydrocarbon Exploration in Central America and the Caribbean’ read the sign on the door. To my left, Transparency International’s (TI) Dominican chapter, […]

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Kenya champions open data in Africa

By Tinatin Ninua, Programme Coordinator, Political Corruption. Last week marked an exciting event for the freedom of information campaigners in Kenya. On July 8th the country has launched an open data portal, which makes Kenya the first African country to release government data to the public through a single online platform. The portal aggregates information […]

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UK Kenya aid scandal highlights transparency role in development

Daniela Christen, from Transparency International Switzerland, presents a practical guide for NGOs on dealing with corruption in development cooperation. The British government will ask for a return of large amounts of money they had given to the Kenyan government for a free education scheme. Between 2005 and 2009 corrupt officials of the Kenyan education and […]

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Rosie Pinnington

Pioneering pact promises fresh approach to water provision

Last month marked an historic turning point in the provision of water services to the residents of Old Town Mombasa. On Friday 20th of May, members of the Mombasa Water and Sewerage Company (MOWASCO) sat down with local residents to sign a development pact formalising the relationship between water service users and suppliers. As part […]

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It’s good to talk: TI-Kenya convenes suppliers, stakeholders to improve water delivery

Overcoming governance challenges in the provision of public services like water requires more than simply pinpointing victims and exposing the wrongdoing of corrupt officials. Poor governance certainly has its victims, and those responsible must be held to account. But sometimes, instead of inciting further divisions, the most effective resolution to inadequate service provision is to […]

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Dadaab refugee camp

Addressing corruption risks in climate change mitigation and food assistance programmes – TI Kenya

by Nicolas Seris, Humanitarian Aid programme coordinator, Transparency International Kenya. Yesterday Roslyn wrote about climate change and natural disasters. This is particularly relevant in Kenya, where Transparency International Kenya and World Vision International hosted the regional launch of the TI Pocket Guide of Good Practices for Preventing Corruption in Humanitarian Operations on April 14, 2011 […]

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Water and profits in Nairobi’s poorest neighbourhoods

It is difficult to believe that someone living on less than a dollar day in a Nairobi slum can pay more for the use of water than their counterparts living in the city’s affluent residential areas. A worrying trend has emerged from the Transparency and Integrity in Service Delivery in Africa (TISDA) programme water sector […]

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