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The hard business of easy access

News of the arrest of 11 people, including high-ranking public officials, on suspicions of corruption in the issuing of so-called golden visas rocked Portugal this weekend. Officials stand accused of having taken bribes to supply residency permits to preferred millionaire foreign “investors”, revealing just one of the many problems with “Golden Visa” programmes that must […]

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Putting the corruption fight on the political agenda in France

  The biggest challenge for TI France is intensifying international efforts for better governance – a prerequisite for sustainable development – at home and abroad We are making inroads. The magazine Acteurs publics gave TI France their 2010 award for best communicator in the category “associations and great causes”  for our activities on lobbying regulation […]

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Hungary: Minimizing Wasted Energies

One of the articles in TI’s Global Corruption Report: Climate Change focused on lacking transparency in Hungarian policies on carbon trading. In this post, Ada Amon, director of Hungarian climate policy think tank ENERGIAKLUB reacts to that article and discusses heavily lobbied sectors can be made more accountable. Good governance is a common good, and […]

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Nobody lobbies the EU Council!

It’s out, it’s official: The EU will revamp its lobby registers in the next 12-18 months, merging the Commission’s and Parliament’s registers into one common register. The new register will also get a new name: the “Transparency Register“, a re-branding for those groups (e.g. religious groups, think tanks etc.) that don’t want to be called […]

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2009 Global Corruption Report: Corruption and the Private Sector

When asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, a 6-year old girl said she wanted to be a corrupt official, because they have so many things. After recovering from the shock of the little girl’s answer, the next question that arises is: how is it that these officials can accumulate so many […]

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What is ‘lobbying’ and its link to corruption?

Back-corridor negotiation on proposed legislation is a practice that runs from Brasília to Washington, Bruxelles to ar-Rabāṭ. However, the relationships between policy-makers and interest groups walk a fine ethical line that separates participatory democracy from state capture. Striking legislative deals are generally considered to be just one part of broader lobbying efforts undertaken by groups […]

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European elections – time to rethink weak transparency rules?

Thursday is an important day for Europe. The elections for the European Parliament begin. The expenses scandal in the UK shows that politicians in Europe are no angels. Therefore trust, transferred by vote, should be supplemented by clear regulations and transparency rules on the European level. Although there have been some steps in the past, […]

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