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It’s time to get moving and act against corruption!

Transparency International Hungary will again be present at this year’s Sziget Festival – the biggest music festival in Hungary and one of the biggest in Europe. As part of our chapter’s “It’s time to get moving” campaign, dance flashmobs will be present throughout the festival, culminating in a gigantic dance event on 9 August at […]

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New technologies for more accountability: Watch the Transparency Works conference

Our chapter in Lithuania in cooperation with the Sunlight Foundation held an international conference that brings together IT developers and NGOs to talk about online transparency initiatives, public monitoring of and citizen engagement in democratic processes from March 29-30. The event featured around 30 international speakers from more than 20 countries exchanging ideas about how […]

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Video grab from Guatemala video

Blowing the whistle in Central America: not as easy as it sounds

In Latin America, whistleblowing has become a crucial issue in the fight against corruption. The term refers to those who report to the authorities or other responsible parties when they witness wrongdoing. Whistleblowing is often a valuable means of shedding light on instances of corruption and malpractice that may otherwise slip beneath the radar. But […]

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Russian civil society: profiles of activists

This past December, Russians took to the streets to protest parliamentary elections widely seen as tilted in favour of the ruling United Russia party. As we reported on our blog, Transparency International’s Russian chapter was active in monitoring electoral improprieties and continues to work with other civil society organisations to support Russian citizens trying to […]

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Our time to be heard: Liberian Youth and the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf , who was recently jointly awarded the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize, has been re-elected as President of Liberia and has pledged to fight corruption during her second term. The challenge, says Annette Jaitner, Senior Programme Coordinator in Transparency International’s Africa and Middle East Department, is making sure that young people are […]

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The right to be heard and participatory video-making

Annette Jaitner, Senior Programme Coordinator in our Africa and the Middle East Department, writes about an alternative approach some of our African chapters are using to engage people in anti-corruption work Our African chapters in Ghana, Liberia, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Uganda, and Zambia are supporting poor communities to make their films that highlight the problems […]

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You have the right to know…

Andrea Figari is a Global Programmes Manager in the Global Outreach and Campaigns Department at Transparency International What does it take to find out…   what your country is doing to fight corruption? whether the school that your children go to has received the right budget allocation? who your Prime Minister or President meets during […]

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Alice Harrison

Update from Santo Domingo: Launching the Global Corruption Report

Climbing the steps in Hotel Meliá’s lobby, I was faced with two options. To my right, double doors opened onto a large conference room abuzz with men in suits. ‘Opportunities and Incentives for Hydrocarbon Exploration in Central America and the Caribbean’ read the sign on the door. To my left, Transparency International’s (TI) Dominican chapter, […]

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Vietnamese youth film anti-corruption videos

By Stephanie Chow of Towards Transparency, the TI national contact in Vietnam. Youth can play an important role in the fight against corruption.  This is one of the findings of the Youth Integrity Survey carried out by young volunteers, students and recent graduates across 11 different provinces from major cities to small rural communities across […]

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¡La corrupción tiene solución!

La Oficina de Asistencia Legal Anticorrupción abrirá sus puertas en Venezuela. Por Mercedes De Freitas, Directora Ejecutiva, Transparencia Venezuela. Read this article in English here. “Mis hijos querían irse con la abuela en sus vacaciones para Boconó y tuve que sacar el permiso de viaje para menores de edad. Aún cuando llevé toda la documentación […]

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