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Reaching a tipping point: the fight to beat match fixing

News released yesterday by Europol, the European police organisation, that football is the target of alleged widespread match fixing should come as no surprise. But the match fixing allegations, involving 15 countries, hundreds of games and more than $2.7 million in pay offs to players and officials (mostly originating in Asia), is shocking. What’s the […]

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Image: Creative Commons, Flickr / Brian Hefele

FIFA’s uncertain future

The good news to come out of the 17 July press conference  of FIFA, world football’s governing body, was the announcement that there is now an opportunity for a serious investigation into past allegations of corruption. This must include the activities of Joseph Blatter, the president of FIFA, who has been under fire again this […]

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EURO 2012 and match-fixing: An interview with Simon Kuper

Every four years all eyes in Europe are on one big event – the European Football Championships. Over the past weeks everyone in Europe seemed to talk about the matches, its players, but also about what it means for the two host countries, Poland and Ukraine, to host such a majour event. One big question […]

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Corruption and the true cost of hosting the Games

Big sporting events bring excitement, pride and trepidation in almost equal measure to the winning country. The fireworks go off, but so do the alarm bells. Will the event have a legacy and help develop the (sporting) infrastructure and the society of the host country in a sustainable way? Will all the money be well-spent? […]

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What are the prospects for FIFA reform?

By Roger Pielke, Jr. a professor at the University of Colorado. This post is based on a recent paper “How Can FIFA be Held Accountable?” which will be presented at the 2011 Play the Game conference in Cologne in October. Roger blogs at https://leastthing.blogspot.com In 1983, upon learning that that the 1986 World Cup was […]

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Our anti-corruption plan for FIFA

Today Transparency International published recommendations for building transparency at FIFA. These are based on years of experience working with organisations in government and the private sector to control corruption. FIFA is a special case though. That is why we are proposing the creation of an independent oversight multi-stakeholder group to oversee investigations of corruption allegations […]

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Two faces of football, and two futures

By Sylvia Schenk, Transparency International’s senior advisor for sport. This Sunday Berlin’s Olympic Stadium was packed to the rafters for the opening day of the Women’s World Cup. What better sign of a growing sport with a great future ahead of it? However, away from the pitch, things are not looking so positive, as the […]

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What should FIFA do about corruption: version 2.0

By Sylvia Schenk, Transparency International’s senior advisor for sport. Earlier this year, after a wave of corruption allegations aimed at FIFA, football’s world governing body, I put forward a series of recommendations to build up a strong anti-corruption regime within FIFA to help restore the organisation’s tarnished image. After last week’s farce, when Sepp Blatter […]

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Football politics: calling on FIFA

The Guardian just published this on their “FIFA in crisis” live blog: Transparency International, the global anti-corruption organisation, has joined the Football Association in demanding Fifa postpone the uncontested election that will extend Sepp Blatter’s presidency to a fourth term.

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Barcelona vs Real Madrid

A shot in the dark: FIFA’s new anti-corruption plan

Sylvia Schenk, senior advisor for sport at Transparency International reacts to FIFA’s latest anti-corruption programme. The goalposts have moved yet again. In early January, when we were still recovering from New Year’s parties and FIFA from the scandal surrounding the award of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups to Russia and Qatar, Sepp Blatter promised […]

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