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Anti-corruption compliance in Russia: a way forward

Tackling corruption and developing anti-corruption practices is becoming an increasingly serious topic for the Russian private sector. Recently, Transparency International Russia published the report “Transparency of Corporate Reporting and Anti-Corruption Policy in Russian Private Enterprise: Compliance as a Competitive Advantage” (English version here) with the aim of analysing the implementation of compliance policy in medium-sized […]

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Investigating corruption: gagging the press is not a good idea

On 30 July it emerged that the Supreme Court of Victoria, Australia had issued a suppression order to stop the media from reporting key details of a scandal that involved foreign bribery in the printing of Australian bank notes, allegedly implicating people from Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. The court order is apparently in the […]

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Youth photo winner: corruption, toxic waste and the power of photography

Just one image can tell a story, says Sony Ramany, winner of our 20th anniversary youth photo competition – and these stories have the power to spark real change. “We need to show images of suffering and hardships,” he says, “so that people can see the truth”. A photographer from one of Bangladesh’s leading English-language newspapers, […]

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Youth writing winner: the battle against corruption starts from within

If young people want to see change in the world, they have to realise the battle against corruption starts with them – they must resolve to do the right thing. This is the message from Nigeria’s Ugoh Wilson Emenike, 23, the winner of our 20th anniversary youth writing competition. Emenike’s essay is a semi-fictional account of […]

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Curaçao: small island, big challenges?

Imagine an island around 250 kilometres north of Venezuela, where you can find idyllic beaches, pastel coloured colonial Dutch architechture, iguana soup and copius amounts of a lurid blue coloured liqueur. This is Curaçao, one of the newest countries in the Americas and home to a population of just 150,000 people. Put in context, that’s […]

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Abuse of state advertising for political ends in Slovakia

Historically, journalists have been some of the strongest partners in the fight against corruption. Their investigative work as well as the space they give to voices of anti-corruption NGOs has contributed to greater pressure on government leaders to tighten regulations and take a public stand for more transparency and accountability. But in this difficult economic […]

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Venezuela: The State as Election Campaign Headquarters

Lea este post en español aquí. When is a presidential election free and fair? During the 2012 presidential campaign in Venezuela, the Alerta Electoral bulletin recorded numerous instances of public resources being used to support the president’s successful election campaign. For example, in July 2012 Alerta Electoral – which is produced by a coalition of […]

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Venezuela: El Estado como Oficina de Campaña

Read this blog post in English here. ¿Cuándo puede decirse que una elección presidencial es libre y justa? Durante la campaña presidencial en Venezuela del año pasado, el boletín Alerta Electoral registró numerosas instancias del uso de recursos públicos para apoyar la exitosa campaña del entonces presidente. Por ejemplo, en Julio de 2012 el boletín […]

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Bangladesh: citizens doubt performance of politicians

A new survey on the performance of MPs by Transparency International Bangladesh is creating a media storm nationally and elsewhere. Since we released it at the start of the week, there have been hundreds of news stories, dozens of newspaper editorials and more than 20 hours of talk shows on nearly all our TV channels, […]

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Who is speaking on Venezuelan TV – the president or the candidate?

The following blog post was written by Alejandro Salas, Transparency International’s Regional Director for the Americas, and Natalie Baharav, Communications Officer at Transparency International. Lea este artículo en español aquí. Presidential elections are coming up in Venezuela and it is essential for its citizenry to know when President Hugo Chavez speaks as the president, and when he […]

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