Pushing Forward G8’s Anti-Corruption Agenda

In India more than 200 million people live without secure access to food, the most of any county in the world, the Wall Street Journal reported last month. As the report argued, this is not because India lacks the resources to provide for its population. On the contrary, India’s domestic food production would be more than enough to feed its population of 1.2 billion. However, a lack of adequate infrastructure to transport and store harvested crops results in significant losses. And according to the Wall Street Journal report, corruption and inefficiency are among the main reasons why infrastructure in India is lagging behind, thus slowing down investments that could help feed millions.

Food security, especially in Africa, will be one of the main items on the agenda of the G8 summit this month in Camp David. This is welcome news as the countries with extremely alarming Global Hunger Index scores — Burundi, Chad, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Eritrea — are in Sub-Saharan Africa, according to the International Food Policy Research Institute. These are the same countries that score at the bottom of Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index. If corruption is a significant factor in India’s quest for food security, it is likely to be a factor affecting food security in African countries, in addition to civil unrest and other factors which undermine security.

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Shruti Shah

About Shruti Shah

Shruti Shah is Vice President, Programs and Operations at Transparency International USA.

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2 Responses to Pushing Forward G8’s Anti-Corruption Agenda

  1. wiseman jeje.J.jr. 8 June 2012 at 2:37 pm #

    hi yes if G8 no they want to help in african corruption plated there should be stop first,first and foremost the aids they give are the root of corruption in african yes that the ways they used to corrupt african leaders that the truth behind the film of corruption from the G8.if you want to help that aids been giving should be used to supply them farming tractors.good roads to the farmers to transport there good tothe market that good,remember injustice can not last forever.if lies is moving for ten thousands years truth will catch him in a seconds.a word is a enough for a wise.from jerusalem jeje wiseman the Jr,

  2. salem jeje wiseman 3 May 2013 at 12:22 pm #

    hello the lions the tigers.oppressed peoples cannot remain oppressed forever the truth of hanky panky in world economics have be revealed and the whole world no the trick you use to manipulate indirect stealing of others minerals resources through international monetary funds.I.MF.am sorry I.M.F is the most corrupted organization in the world and international bank of resettlement basel switzerland.this evil organizations cannot last. there end have come.abolished them befor its too late if you said no. the end is going to be bad damaging your economics. you cannot manipulate people forever does if you manipulate them in truth development like the way china is developing angola in housing and urban development that good.best regards salem jeje wiseman.JR.