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Se premia el periodismo de investigación de América Latina

Desde evasión fiscal hasta acuerdos entre gobiernos y criminales, fueron muchos los temas de los trabajos que ganaron este año el Premio Latinoamericano de Periodismo de Investigación. Premio que otorgan Transparency International y el Instituto Prensa y Sociedad (IPYS). A principios de esta semana, un teatro en Río de Janeiro sirvió de escenario para la […]

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Award-winning investigative journalism from Latin America

From tax evasion to deals between gangsters and governments, a wide range of corruption and topics of public interest were covered in the winning pieces of this year’s Latin American Investigative Journalism Awards, organised by Transparency International and Instituto Prensa y Sociedad (Press and Society Institute, IPYS). Earlier this week, a Rio de Janeiro theatre […]

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Hungry for results: A new crusade in Mexico and its need for transparency and accountability

This blog post was written by Paola Palacios, Programme Coordinator of the Initiative for the Institutional Strengthening of Social Programmes (IPRO) and Monserrat Hernández, Project Consultant for IPRO at Transparencia Mexicana, the National Chapter of Transparency International in Mexico. Mexico is the second biggest economy in Latin America and growing steadily. Yet, despite its economic […]

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The Organization of American States: Does it practice the integrity it preaches?

The Organization of American States (OAS) is a leading regional body for the countries of North, Central and South America as well as the Caribbean. Since its founding in 1948, it has been forerunner in the fight against corruption in member states and produced the first international agreement to fight corruption: The Inter-American Convention against […]

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Corruption and insecurity in Central America: There are no solutions without transparency

Arms trafficking; clandestine landing runways; large cargos that cross borders and are not detected; empty new buildings; bullets shot between rival gangs; impunity when violating the law. These suspicious activities and crimes occur in Latin America on a daily basis, and are even more virulent in Central America. Criminal activities make the lives of Central […]

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Video grab from Guatemala video

Blowing the whistle in Central America: not as easy as it sounds

In Latin America, whistleblowing has become a crucial issue in the fight against corruption. The term refers to those who report to the authorities or other responsible parties when they witness wrongdoing. Whistleblowing is often a valuable means of shedding light on instances of corruption and malpractice that may otherwise slip beneath the radar. But […]

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Has Dilma Rousseff found the anti-corruption formula for Latin America?

I was quite impressed when I heard that Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff concluded her first year in government a few days ago with an approval rating higher than that of her predecessor, the charismatic Lula da Silva. Her popularity is currently close to 75 percent. Her government’s approval is at 56 percent, which is even […]

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Every Day is Anti-Corruption Day

Alejandro Salas is the Regional Director for the Americas at Transparency International. The following article was first published on Fox News Latino. December 9, declared as International Anti-Corruption Day by the United Nations in 2003, should be a day of concern and reflection for every citizen around the world. We are all affected, in one […]

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Fighting corruption in Central America

Transparency International’s Senior Programme Coordinator for Central America, Andrés Hernández, discusses efforts to strengthen anti-corruption measures in the region in advance of the Second Central America and Dominican Republic Forum for Transparency, taking place in San José, Costa Rica, 2-3 November 2011.

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Personal experiences of police corruption

In Latin America police corruption is endemic. According to figures released in the TI Global Corruption Barometer 2010, two out of every ten Latin-Americans interviewed had paid a bribe in the previous 12 months. So it comes as little surprise that two colleagues who work in the Transparency International Secretariat have confronted situations of this […]

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