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Alejandro Salas is Regional Director for the Americas at Transparency International.
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Semáforos en América: ¿Salvavidas o decoración urbana?

Imagina una escena en Buenos Aires, Caracas o cualquier otra capital en América: Son las 10:30 de la mañana y estás en tu coche corriendo a una cita a la que ya llegas tarde. El semáforo está en rojo, miras a la derecha, no viene ningún coche, miras a la izquierda, nada… Podrías saltarte el […]

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CPI 2013: Traffic lights in the Americas – lifesavers or urban decorations?

Imagine a scene in Buenos Aires, Caracas, or any other capital city in the Americas: It is 10:30am and you are in your car rushing to an appointment for which you are already late. You are at a red light. You look to the right, no cars coming, look to the left, no-one. You can […]

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Is Brazil taking a “U-turn”?

In Brazil, some members of the legislature are actively lobbying for a constitutional amendment that would make certain rulings by the Supreme Court subject to congressional approval. Not surprisingly, the current proposal by the Commission on the Constitution, Justice and Citizenship was put forward by members of the Workers’ Party, the main political group affected […]

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From international award winner to a man on the run: the courage of an investigative journalist

One month ago as Mauri König accepted the 2012 Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) Press Freedom Award at a gala dinner in New York, he said he was thankful to be free and alive and expressed his concern for his co-recipients from China and Kyrgyzstan who remained in prison. Today König is in hiding with […]

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América: Crecimiento económico, estancamiento democrático ¿Tiene la corrupción algo que ver con esto?

Read this post in English here Para América, 2012 fue un año positivo en muchos aspectos. Importantes indicadores económicos y sociales muestran que ha habido mejoras y existe una sensación de optimismo en general en gran parte de la región, especialmente en América Latina. Mientras que la reciente campaña presidencial de Estados Unidos se centró […]

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The Americas: Economies grow, democracies shrink. What does corruption have to do with it?

Lea el texto en Español aquí For the Americas, 2012 was largely a positive year in many ways. As important economic and social indicators show an improvement, there is a sense of optimism throughout the region, especially in Latin America. While the United States’ presidential campaign, which polarised ideas and citizens earlier this year, focused […]

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Who is speaking on Venezuelan TV – the president or the candidate?

The following blog post was written by Alejandro Salas, Transparency International’s Regional Director for the Americas, and Natalie Baharav, Communications Officer at Transparency International. Lea este artículo en español aquí. Presidential elections are coming up in Venezuela and it is essential for its citizenry to know when President Hugo Chavez speaks as the president, and when he […]

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Quien habla en la television venezolana: El presidente o el candidato?

Escrito por Alejandro Salas, Director Regional para las Américas y Natalie Baharav, Coordinadora de Comunicaciones de Transparency International Read this blog post in English. Próximamente se celebrarán elecciones en Venezuela. Es fundamental para los ciudadanos poder distinguir cuando el Presidente Hugo Chávez habla como presidente y cuando lo hace como candidato presidencial. En la actual […]

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What role will Mexico’s future President play?

Mexico will have a new… Puppet? Statesman? Reformer? Luddite? Maverick? Dinosaur? The question is hard to answer. The country will have a new president in December, but what role will he play? The election campaign in Mexico was long and intense. It allowed those of us who followed it from within Mexico or abroad to […]

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On a Plane to Brazil

A few weeks ago I traveled to Brazil. Early Sunday morning I got on a plane from Amsterdam to São Paulo. My seat was in row 62, the last one just next to the toilets. This is not a fun experience when you have to fly for more than ten hours. As I sat down […]

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