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Visualisation of EU funds helps to fight corruption in the EU

What you see above is a visualisation to who (some of the) EU funds were awarded in 2009*. It is just a little experiment, a proof of concept, to see if open data available from the EU can contribute to the fight against corruption. The map is a very practical way to demonstrate that the […]

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Towards a new and more transparent culture of spending EU funds?

EP Public Hearing on Transparency in Structural Funds from TI EU on Vimeo. Intransparency of EU funds spending is not only bad for democratic governance and public participation and control, but transparency is also crucial for the fight against corruption as the President of the Budget Control Committee, Luigi de Magistris, underlined this morning in […]

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EU budget transparency: Advocating better rules and practices

Transparency of the EU budget and its spending is of great importance for public control of the European Union, its institutions and bodies and the tens of thousands of beneficiaries of EU funds. Without knowing where EU money is spent and who receives it for what purposes, the prevention of misuse of EU funds, including […]

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